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CUSCO´S VACATION: Enjoy better knowing the following tips

1.    Take Diamox to prevent altitude sickness. If you don’t want to waste time feeling miserable in your hotel room, this stuff will do the trick. You’ll be ready for exploring as soon as you arrive. The side effects are mild – carbonated drinks will taste a bit flat and you’ll feel tingling in your hands and feet every so often. I am not a doctor, so talk to one to make sure this is right for you.

2.    Don’t drink the water from the pipe. This not includes brushing your teeth you can do it without problems, if you wanna take  ice cubes do it only in touristic places they pay attention to the tourist. Only use bottled, boiled, or filtered water and if it is bottled, make sure the cap is sealed when you purchase.

3.    Bring hand sanitizer and use it. To be safe, load it on after washing your hands in tap water and before you eat.

4.    Be wary of street food. Make sure it is cooked fresh and hasn’t been sitting around. Local food is good but you must know where to eat, for that reason try to tell us if you want to try local food to recommend you good places.

5.    Cooked food is always safer. Avoid unpeeled, uncooked fruit and veggies, specially if you will do a hike in Cusco just to prevent better your hikes or tours.

6.    Bring pepto bismol tablets for when you inevitably break these rules. If you do get sick, they’ll work like a champ.


1.    Make sure your Driver is licensed. , and in some rare cases they are not licensed.

2.    Better yet, ask your hostel or hotel to hire a taxi for you. They often have trusted drivers they work with regularly.


1.    Dress in layers. In the mountains, the mornings and nights are freezing cold but the days can be quite warm. You will want a light-weight shirt and a compressible warm jacket at the very least.
2.    Wear sturdy shoes. Ladies, don’t even think about wearing heels in Cusco or the Sacred Valley. You won’t get anywhere and you’ll look ridiculous. The cobblestones are so uneven that even wearing my flats was a bit of a stretch.


1.    Don’t be so gullible. Touts abound in Cusco and the Sacred Valley. Unless you want to be followed several blocks down the street ( this happened to you several times) don’t look interested and just keep walking.
2.    “Baby alpaca!” More like “maybe alpaca,” 100% baby alpaca wool costs hundreds of dollars for a single knit item, so if you are shopping for knits, know that they are probably made with a blend of llama wool and a few threads of baby alpaca wool (if there is any alpaca in there at all). if you look for real baby alpaca just write us we will suggest you places to get it.
4.    Ask for items that are “hecho a mano” (made by hand). Most of the handicrafts you’ll see will be machine-made tourist junk. For something truly unique, ask the seller if he/she made it themselves. These are the real gems.
5.  Some businesses prefer US dollars, but they have to be pristine. If you’ll be using US cash, make sure it isn’t torn or severely creased or your bills will be rejected.


1.    You don’t need to speak Spanish to visit here, but you should learn some Spanish anyway. The people you interact with will appreciate your attempts and you will definitely get more out of your experiences. Some of my favorite parts of our trip were speaking with the locals. I highly recommend the free podcast Coffee Break Spanish for learning.
2.    Pick a few sites to see and really see them. When you aren’t rushing from place to place, you will get a better appreciation for the sites and be able to see the parts that the hoards of tourists skip. Just organize your tour one hour before of the normal time
3.    Take a cooking class. The food will be better than the tourist trap restaurants, and you can experience real Peruvian cuisine and culture. You’ll also get to hang out with a local chef for the day and make some friends with your fellow classmates.

4.    Wander the streets around Cusco’s historic city center. Cusco always has a party going on, and every time we went out we came across a celebration. Hang out in the squares, wander down little side streets, and drag yourself up the San Cristobal hills to get a birds eye view of the city.

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